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Order a Website

dotdotThree ‘simple’ steps to ordering a website


1. Check for compatibility or purchase hosting. If you have an existing site, let us check it for compatibility with WordPress. We may ask you for log-in details. If you do not have a site, you will need to buy hosting and a domain name. We can offer advice on appropriate hosting, or you can search for your own.

Look for Unix hosting and if it is for a small business do not pay more than £60 a year for a domain and hosting. Most services offer unlimited space, email addresses, databases and bandwidth these days so beware of hosting offers that limit these features. If you want to transfer your old site to a new WordPress site at a different address check with your current hosts about redirecting your old domain name before continuing. Note: this is important if your existing hosts manage your emails. Domain transferral can cause an interruption to your emails.

2. Obtain quote. If your hosting is compatible with WordPress, you will then need to decide on the services you want us to provide. If you know you need a site but have not yet chosen all its features don’t worry you can start with a basic fast build and bolt on extras later, as and when, you decide you need them.

3, Provide us with your content. If you have decided on a fully customised site, we will walk you through the process step by step. If you are ordering a fast build site, please use the checklist on the right to start you off. Note: To avoid delays we will not accept the order or build the site until we have all the items on the checklist.

To contact us use the form below or call Charlotte on 07962 149074


dotdotBasic Site Checklist

1.  In a document ( Word or Open Office) describe the primary function of your site such as brochure, catalogue, gallery, blog, showcase, shop, etc Full width or responsive

2. Number of pages (max 6)  Name of each page, for example: Home; blog;  services; products; testimonials etc.

3. Site features wanted, for instance: a blog; social media integration; location map; contact forms; testimonials; image gallery; etc.   The content of each page should be listed in separate documents (name each document by page)

4.  Graphics and images. Name each image and graphic by its purpose.

5. Examples of the colour palette for your site

6. Your company logo if you have one

7. Pictures you want to use as images on the site. (Please ensure you have the rights to use them)

8. Pictures and or graphics you would like incorporated into the site

9.  Any further information that will help with site construction

We will give you a dedicated email address to send your content once we have accepted the job and checked your hosting for compatibility