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Affordable Websites

dotdotSimple “fast build” WordPress website.

If you have a small busines with not much time on your hands and a small budget this is the perfect way to get a fully functioning website up and running quickly. It can always be updated and expanded at a later date.  This site is an example of a Fast Build website.

Package includes:

  • Up to a five page website
  • Lifetime free support
  • Editing and optimising of your images, logos and graphics
  • A premium theme at no extra cost
  • Acessibility and EU regulatory compliance
  • Up to 50% discount on future add-ons to your site

Features Available:

  • Blog
  • Contact forms
  • Enhanced security
  • Social media integration
  • Galleries
  • Testimonial and client sliders
  • Polls & questionnaires
  • Advanced editing tools

Premium features available at an addtional cost:

  • Shop software
  • Elearning software
  • Other (please ask – note: many features are available free)

You will need:

WordPress compatible hosting and a domain name.  We can evaluate your existing hosting for compatibility or we can advise on how to buy suitable hosting with no obligation.

Please note we do not provide technical support with this package.  you should expect hosting to cost you around £50 a year depending on your hosts.  We are not responsible for your website’s hosting.

We will need from you:

  • Text for each page in Word or Open office format
  • Images, graphics and logos
  • An idea of the colour schemes and fonts you may want
  • Links to your social media
  • Your company contact information
  • What features you want your site to have
  • Further information depending on the features you choose

If you do not have them we can provide copy, logo design and stock images at an additional cost.

Package costs from £250 for one page to five pages plus for £350.  Your website is typically built in one working day if you have all your content available

dotdotLive build website

This package is almost identical to the Simple fast build package, The difference is we build the site with you live. The benefit of this is you not only get a fully functional basic website in a day but you get ‘hands on’ training as well.  By the end of the day you will have all the skills you need to maintain and grow your website all with our signature lifetime free support*

You will need the requirements of the basic package plus a day (typically 5 to 8 hours) of your time

Only £550 plus travel expenses


dotdotBespoke WordPress websites

Fully customised wordpress website with premium themes and features, prices start at £500 please contact us for a quote



dotdotRip it up and start again

Do you have a website already but it’s a bit pants or it looked quite good back in 1998 when it was built?  We can replace it with something a bit more funky by updating it with our Simple Site option to limit downtime and then taking advantage of a hefty discount with a custom build at a later date if needed.

We can do this over the weekend or overnight for a nominal extra fee if your site being down during the day could cause you problems.